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basket case

basket case

2011 | analoge afdruk | beeldgroote 21 x 31 cm op 30,5 x 40 papier op clipboard

"Where I am today you cannot be tomorrow."


The hospitals Carolus and Groot Ziekengasthuis are no more. They were taken over by a bigger hospital and are ready to be demolished. The concrete bastions in ‘s-Hertogenbosch were for many people in the city a delivery room and house of death, first aid and last blade, a place of recovery and decay. The memories are still there. The empty corridors of the stripped hospital are full of stories about people’s lost and found. Stories of intense meetings, immense happiness, big goodbyes, people who are born and people who die.

This series is about the hospital I was born in, where my father fell ill and where my mother died.
This series is about the hospital where I feel lost.
Now the hospital will soon be gone.

Just a few months ago patients were still there. Their life, death and love were there, and now it’s abandoned. One last time I took a walk through the empty hospital - full of stories.

The place where I was today, nobody can be tomorrow.